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The Last Priestess is self published by Sasha Zarya Nexus:  

Jeff Rogan, was a boy whose life seemed to be going no where fast. He loved escaping from life into acting roles both for the stage and also in games. His hopes were upon an application to a boarding thespian high school to escape to the promise of the life as an actor that he dreamed about. But the gift of a new VR game from his mother changed his life in ways that he could have never imagined to become “The Last Priestess”.

Greetings Priestess,

“You have been recruited by the Star League to defend Rylos and the Goddess Xanthia’s temple against Xur, his Xurian cult, and his Zandozans.”

That’s how the new VR game Priestess that Jeff Rogan, received from his mother Eve, starts out. Eve is a struggling single mother who is juggling a catering business, that only employs women, as enshrined on her business plan. Jeff is a skilled actor, sure footed in high heels, and has thrived in playing female parts. Eve often has to employ Jeff, in the guise of her daughter Linda, to fill in as server so often that Jeff is beginning to wonder who is real, Linda or Jeff. Anyway Jeff or Linda is really getting into Priestess, the VR game which is made for female players only, complete with female costume, which has to be worn in order to get the full immersion in play.

The following story is not intended as a copyright infringement to Jonathan Bethuel and Universal Studio’s “The Last Starfighter” but is only presented as a free tribute to the skills of all who brought that movie magic to the silver screen. I’m only borrowing their characters and situations in order to tell this fan fiction sequel which I envisioned. The new characters and situations that I have invented herein are my own and I retain all rights to their not for profit presentation.


Author Information

About the Author: Jo Dora Webster , pen name of Ariel Montine Strickland

The BCTS stories of Jo Dora Webster are available here: Jo Dora’s Exploring the Imposibilities. Jo Dora Webster, pen name of Ariel Montine Strickland has an author website at I’m an auburn haired, blue eyed, southern belle hailing from the great city of Denver, CO USA. While I feel like a forty something that may be me trying to will time to stand still. In all truth, I’m glad that it doesn’t since I kept my millenium resolution to transition as a transwoman on my original rebirthday July 6, 2000. I can trace my heritage to lowland Scotland and Ireland but I’m an American. I enjoy passing my time reading the latest romance, comedy or mystery from (BCTS) and getting outside for a weekend camping with my SCA friends emulating a lady of the nobility in a world where chivalry is alive and well. I also enjoy my time as a Starfleet International member where I hold the fictional rank of Captain

I’ve been around BCTS for more than twelve years. What I think of as my first real story was ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ that I published under the name ‘Jesus and the Transwoman’ on a christian website which was just getting started then and has since disappeared called Faithvine. However I also 23 years ago put one story, ‘Beauty and the Vial’ out on Usenet and it made its way to BCTS unknowingly since I wrote it under another pen name. At present, I have ten novels started of which I’ve completed six all initially under my pen name, Jo Dora Webster. I also have three short stories written under the pen name Jo Dora Webster. . Exploring the impossibilities, Jo Dora Webster “That’s the thing about faith…if you don’t have it, you can’t understand it. If you do, no explanation is necessary.” Star Trek: DS9 ‘Accession’


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