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The YA / TG fiction books presented on jodorawebster.com are written as Jo Dora Webster (pen name) ,
as Sasha Zarya Nexus (pen name) , and by Ariel Montine Strickland (legal name).


The Beginning of a Adventure that Transcends Space Time Rivaling Artemis is a transition from Space Shuttle Pathfinder from Space Camp In Huntsville AL to the far future where Starship Pathfinder makes discoveries at the edge of our galaxy - Kindle Customer Well like Captin James Tiberus Kirk the them of Red 18 meet & BEAT The Kobayashi Maru test. Only they didn't exactly cheat like Kirk did, but found a way around the system that defies the laws of physics that we know of. - Samantha H

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Jo Dora Webster, pen name of Ariel Montine Strickland, is an auburn haired, blue eyed, southern belle hailing from the great city of Denver, CO USA. While I feel like a forty something, that may be me trying to will time to stand still. In all truth, I'm glad that it doesn't since I kept my millenium resolution to transition as a transwoman on my original rebirthday July 6, 2000.

I can trace my heritage to lowland Scotland and Ireland but I'm an American. I enjoy passing my time reading the latest romance, comedy or mystery from BCTS and getting outside for a weekend camping with my friends emulating a lady of the nobility in a world where chivalry is alive and well. I also enjoy my time as a Starfleet International member where I hold the fictional rank of Captain.

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