Pretty Please!

Published Date: December 14, 2020

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Pretty Please! was published by DopplerPress on October 28, 2020. It was Jo Dora Webster’s first e-book ever to be published on Amazon Kindle. Here is a snippet from the book to whet your appetite.

“Granny, Granny, please tell us a story! Pretty please, Granny!” said nine year old Linda as she sat on the floor with her twin sister Julia.

They had on matching sky blue blouses and navy blue skorts which each had embroidered a red rose with green stem and leaves as well as the first initial of their name. They both looked precious in their white knee socks and black Mary Jane’s. Each of them looked intently at me with their deep blue eyes, resisting the temptation to twirl their long blonde hair in their fingers, since they loved my stories.

Before I could answer, Julia burst out, “Tell us a new one, Granny! Pretty Please!”

With a twinkle in my eye, I knew which story I would tell them. I remember when I told their mother this story for the first time and she was about their age. Since they asked for the story by name, even though they had never heard it before,

I took it as a good omen that perhaps this time I might even be believed instead of treating it as something from my overactive imagination. It was the story of one all important summer when everything changed for me and I found the love of my life.

Exploring the impossibilities,
Jo Dora Webster

Author Information

About the Author:
Jo Dora Webster , pen name of Ariel Montine Strickland

The BCTS stories of Jo Dora Webster are available here: Jo Dora’s Exploring the Imposibilities. Jo Dora Webster, pen name of Ariel Montine Strickland has an author website at

I’m an auburn haired, blue eyed, southern belle hailing from the great city of Denver, CO USA. While I feel like a forty something that may be me trying to will time to stand still. In all truth, I’m glad that it doesn’t since I kept my millenium resolution to transition as a transwoman on my original rebirthday July 6, 2000.

I can trace my heritage to lowland Scotland and Ireland but I’m an American. I enjoy passing my time reading the latest romance, comedy or mystery from (BCTS) and getting outside for a weekend camping with my SCA friends emulating a lady of the nobility in a world where chivalry is alive and well. I also enjoy my time as a Starfleet International member where I hold the fictional rank of Captain

I’ve been around BCTS for more than twelve years. What I think of as my first real story was ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ that I published under the name ‘Jesus and the Transwoman’ on a christian website which was just getting started then and has since disappeared called Faithvine. However I also 23 years ago put one story, ‘Beauty and the Vial’ out on Usenet and it made its way to BCTS unknowingly since I wrote it under another pen name.

At present, I have ten novels started of which I’ve completed six all initially under my pen name, Jo Dora Webster. I also have three short stories written under the pen name Jo Dora Webster. .

Exploring the impossibilities,
Jo Dora Webster

“That’s the thing about faith…if you don’t have it, you can’t understand it. If you do, no explanation is necessary.”

Star Trek: DS9 ‘Accession’


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