Inspirations for the name, Ariel

Ariel seems to be the perfect name for me!

It is amazing to me that my personality and interests match the others named Ariel in one way or another. 

These others share the name Ariel with me:

Disney’s Little Mermaid

Alternate Name for Jerusalem

In this Ariel’s story, we follow her transition from the sea world to the land world.  Disney tells stories with music which brings the stories to life.  My love of Disney stories and music make her special to me.
The bible meaning of the name Ariel is “Lioness of God”.  God promises this Ariel, which is also called Jerusalem, to protect her from its enemies. As a Christian, it is a blessing to me as I study the bible that it contains my name.  I need God’s protection like the city did and hope that I will grow to become a “Lioness of God”

A Moon of Uranus

Character in “The Tempest”

This moon named Ariel is mysterious because no one knows for sure what created the network of canals that cross her surface.   Like this Ariel that traverses space, I am interested in both space travel and Astronomy.  Mysteries like the lunar Ariel compel me to pursue life long learning.

In William Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest”, the character of Ariel was an androgynous sprite that became the catalyst  for the various situations that arose.  I enjoy this excellent example of History and Literature during my favorite period, the Middle Ages. I also enjoy being a catalyst to bring good into other people’s lives. 

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